Benjamin Bilz

Associate Director/Prestigious Government Project, Middle East

I am an ambitious mid-career professional and learned about Delby's image consulting offering via the AICI webpage that lists all certified image consultants. I got in touch with her due to her reputation, international recognition as branding and business coach – and because she is going "all in" into the image consulting world, having authored a book and having a substantial experience track record in fashion. What convinced me of hiring her was that I felt I "clicked" with her as my trusted advisor, and that she customized her offering to my time and scope needs.

She exceeded my expectations in the impact and potential she unlocked – by revamping my outfits, and advising me where to use which outfits and color combinations in my specific circumstances at work. I plan to continue engaging her in a business coaching capacity given the rapport and trust she built with me and her valuable contributions to my personal and career ambitions.