THE CHALLENGE: One of the most challenging issues for #educators and #trainers in the online field is making sure the audience is engaged ... and getting value from the session!

Just finished running an online session on "Presenting Your Best Professional Image as a Leader" for the Executive Assistants & Secretaries Summit this afternoon!

Sharing my Top 3 Tips that has help me with engagement :

1) Cameras On - I request participants to turn on their cameras, this way I can see them and read their facial expressions and body language, to check if they are still with me... and interested!

2) Blocking - I chop up my presentation into short blocks and stop sharing my slides and have an activity where the audience participates. I do not continuously talk through slides.... zzzzzzz

3) Ask Questions - I love asking questions and requesting the audience to share their experiences. I was happy that with my session today, I had a number of sharing and questions from the audience!

Bonus: I usually will mix Videos in my presentations. The change in audio visual triggers usually helps with keeping the participants interested.

Do you have other tips?