Want to build your Personal Brand & Business? Use #Video!

There are different ways of communicating online - you can write, share images or share videos. Of the three , Video is the fastest converting and the one where people have the chance to get to know you the most.

Here I am writing down bullet points before shooting a video to invite people to a talk I was giving in a few days. (Pre Covid 19 days)

Are you interested to learn how to Improve your Video presence? Here are a few tips:

1) Organize your main thoughts before shooting and write them in bullet points on paper. Reading from a script will make you look distant & unnatural.

2) Check your Appearance to ensure you look your best - professional, credible & authentic.

3) Check your lighting. For me, good lighting is one of the most important things that will make you look great on video!

4) Check your background. Simple & minimalist works so as not to detract focus from you.

5) Do a test and make improvements.

6) Speak as though you are addressing somebody in front of you.

7) Make sure the camera's lense is somewhere near your eye level.

8) Speak clearly and concisely

Anything else to add?