Personal Branding Lets You Easily Bounce Back After a Crisis

A carefully-thought-out personal branding strategy can help you bounce back after crisis situations. Since nobody can really foretell what the future holds, anything can happen to negatively affect your career or business. This includes sudden illnesses or accidents, inability to collect from clients, a sharp drop in sales due to events beyond your control and bad investments, among others. This may also include bad choices leading to medical conditions, addictions, or failed personal relationships.

The current Covid19 pandemic is an example of an unforeseen event that has wreaked havoc in the lives and businesses of many. A strong personal brand can help you bounce back!

Learning my Lesson and Starting Over

One of the lowest points in my life was finding myself all alone and hungry while waiting for my connecting flight at Narita Airport in Japan bound for Honolulu. Memories of counting and recounting the carefully tucked seven dollars in my purse flood back as I stood in front of a takeout counter selling hamburgers and cautiously surveyed the prices. I could not even afford to buy a hamburger!

Feelings of self-pity poured over me as I blamed myself for not seeing the signs of an impending business crisis! I was awash with feelings of self-doubt at this fall from grace and I thought that perhaps I was not cut out to be a successful entrepreneur.

After this experience I promised myself that this would never happen to me again. I have learned the business lessons I needed and creatively reinvented myself and my personal brand. I made a choice to start again.

Recently, I was in the same airport shopping for makeup and gifts for family and friends as I waited to board a plane that would take me to New York. Since that fateful day, I have been traveling through this airport to different destinations many times in my life. I always say a little prayer of thanks and gratitude for the valuable lessons I learned, and the gift of hope and starting over

A Hollywood Example of Starting Over

An example of a brand that bounced back is Robert Downey Jr. After several years battling addiction and failed attempts at making a comeback, he was written off for good by many Hollywood insiders. The actor's drug related problems hit an all time high from 1996 to 2001 which led to arrests, incarceration and rehab visits. Most detractors knew that with such a shattered image during his dark days, producers would doubt the actor's bankability and ability to sell any movie.

Iron Man 3 and the Avengers, was released to box office acclaim - each earning over $1 Billion. Robert Downey Jr. was again heralded as one of the top actors in Hollywood.

A great example of being able to bounce back after a crisis, Robert Downey Jr., has made millions playing the role of Iron Man. He has topped the Forbes list of Hollywood's highest-paid actors for three consecutive years from 2012-2015, making an estimated $80 million between June 2014 and June 2015.


They say the best time to start building a Personal Brand is when you do not need it … and the second best time is NOW. This is to ensure that if and when a crisis situation happens, you have a powerful brand to fall back on to insulate you and your business from the negative effects and you can pivot or reinvent faster in order to rebuild your career or business.

Brand building entails mindfully working on your reputation by strategically opening up channels to increase visibility and credibility such that you are viewed as a recognized expert or a “go to” person in your industry. Authenticity plays a huge role in this endeavor as there has to be substance and “realness” to this. For some entrepreneurs and professionals, upskilling and education go hand-in-hand with their brand building efforts.

Don’t wait for a crisis situation to happen… Start brand building NOW!

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