Personal Branding Strategy; The ABCs of Image for Impact, Influence & Income

September 10, 2021

In today’s competitive business world, every one striving to get ahead would be wise to consider their “Total Package”, a mix of technical know-how and image impact.

Most people in business, whether in a corporate setting or in business for themselves, usually overlook the importance their image plays in their ability to brand and sell themselves first.

In this video, Reinvent U Founder, Delby Bragais talks about the ABCs of IMAGE - Appearance, Behavior, and Communication and its impact on Personal Branding and ability to attract opportunity.

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Delby P. Bragais AICI CIM Is an image, branding & business coach, international speaker & inspiring workshop leader. She is the founder of Reinvent U and author of the transformational book – The Purple Pig Wears Red Lipstick, a business metaphor for the personal branding journey.

The book focuses on The 8 Steps to a Personal Brand Makeover for Impact, Influence & Incredible Income and is available both in a digital format via Amazon Kindle and as physical books distributed through Fully Booked Bookstores.

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