Can You Design a Life You Love Where You Mix Work & Play?

Written by Delby Bragais AICI CIM

Can you design a life you love where you mix work & play? Yes! Travel with me (pre Covid) and take a sneak peak (video link here) during my travel to South Korea where I spoke at the 2nd Asian Image Conference in Seoul, facilitating a half-day session on Personal Brand Makeovers. Sharing my thoughts on personal branding for business was so fulfilling!

This year, as all my speaking, workshops & coaching moved to virtual .... I cannot help but miss the friendly people, the delectable cuisine and the delightful experience of traveling.

Here Are My Top 3 Tips on Mixing Work and Play:

1) I make it a point to enjoy myself after each speaking engagement, workshop, or signed contract ... after each small win ... I celebrate!

2) I do not accept all paid speaking engagements or all offers. I understand that this might not sound wise, but i feel that using our intuition can send us signals.

3) I make it a point to connect and build relationships with fellow speakers, organizers and conference attendees. Aside from the warm friendships I get to enjoy on a personal level ....I usually get clients from the audience!

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Delby P. Bragais AICI CIM Is an image, branding & business coach, international speaker & inspiring workshop leader. She is the founder of Reinvent U and author of the transformational book – The Purple Pig Wears Red Lipstick, a business metaphor for the personal branding journey. The book focuses on The 8 Steps to a Personal Brand Makeover for Impact, Influence & Incredible Income and is available both in a digital format via Amazon Kindle and as physical books distributed through Fully Booked Bookstores. Follow Delby on LinkedIn.